Plinky: your house is on fire!!!!

03 Dec

what are 3 things you’d grab?

once again, i really wanted to answer this question, but i kept delaying it cos i really couldnt think of any. now that i force myself to answer… errr…….

1) my bag (which always contains my wallet and handphone  and external hard disk and other non essential items.

2) probably my laptop and (will probably forget to bring my charger in the haste) cos it contains so many things on the past few yrs of my life. my life would be lost without my soft copies of so many things…

3) i cant think of any…

to be honest, in a fire, all you want to do is to get out.. so… i’d be really glad if i got those 2 that ive written above…

but theoretically, what else would i want to save from the fire……..?

probably my certificates and bank related documents. unfortunately, they arent kept in the most accessible place and both files are at different places in my room. it wouldnt be easy to grab. but, ya.. those would be good to keep.

i would be sad though, to see all the gifts from my friends burn to ashes. the notes and letters i recieved. my NUS books. my sec/jc textbooks and notes and files. so many things in my room are a part of my history. so many things……..

hmmmm….. maybe burning them would be a good way to leave the past behind and move on..

perhaps…. lets see……… hmmmm….. now that i think of it, maybe nothing else in my house is of that much sentimental value or importance for me to consider taking out in the event of a fire. and whether i get these 2 things out depends on from where the fire is closing in on me in the first place isnt it..

what 3 things would you grab?

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