wet and wild adventure at the kelongs

25 Nov

this post is delayed more than a week. ive been so lazy to upload pics. deviantart isnt all that easy to upload pics, but i have so many in there,  i cant transfer!

anyway, we have made great head start in the tracking of horseshoe crabs and its really exciting to see how the results pen out!

early last week, the team of 4 of us set off from lim chu kang jetty to get the electronic recievers out into the locations that L picked. little did we know that we’d be soaking wet by the time we got back on shore!

the lovely couple doggies that greated us… and thats TY and HH having happy time with the doggies…

soon enough, off we went to meet with Mr Yeo, the owners of one of the kelongs. and he brought us to his kelong to get the life jackets.

and then a quick look at the map to confirm the locations to place the 5 electronic SURs that NSS funded.

once we set off, signs of bad news appeared… check out the dark clouds heading in from malaysia..

you wouldnt imagine the speed at which we tried to outrun the clouds.. haha… anyway, rain started coming in… do check out the video…. im really glad i managed to catch rain starting to pour at the right hand corner towards the end.

travelling on a speedboat at 50-60km/hr with HARD rain hitting our faces and skin was really … really…. like… arrows from an archer piercing us… what an experience… Mr Yeo rode us back to his kelong where we took shelter for a while and decided to settle how we could tie the NSS bouy to the  electronic reciever which would be hung down by the brick.

Mr Yeo showed us the proper way of tying ropes and i find rope tying a very necessary skill to have. he’s so fluent with it,  its impressive. his years of experience shows.

once the rain subsided, we headed out. and we owe it to Mr Yeo for making it possible to tie our recievers down the various kelongs.

the visit to the kelongs also showed us many things…

one of the most interesting sights was this mussell bar… this is how the rear mussells!

we saw where they rear fishes, we even saw them throwing fish feed into the waters and then all the fish heads started splashing atop the surface.. haha.. spending at 3 hours on the boat still didnt try us from the downpour we experienced earlier on in the day, and by the time we sat in the bus to get back to cck, we were shivering in our seats…

part 2 will come up soon… with pics of us tagging the horseshoe crabs with the electronic transmitters……..

part 3 with some preliminary findings will be out in 2 weeks time….

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