and now we can track where the horseshoe crabs go…

25 Nov

nothing was ordinary abt this particular gathering last saturday at kranji mudflats for the HSC research and rescue project. it rained heavily just a while before i reached, and at the junction was this major 3-vehicle accident… quite horrible, but i think no one died, so thats great.

many volunteers came and collected the HSCs, and we caught many many HSCs. i found this really large and nice moulting HSCs..

quite a number tiny ones were found too..

check out its size!

but the ones we were specifically looking for were those that were not just large, but those that we quite clean. we wanted to make sure that there weren’t any barnacles on them, which means they must have just recently moulted, which also means they wont moult until a very much later time.

TY and HH and CC and some students from NYJC for down to helping the team clean and stick on the electronic tags. it was nice to see quite a few ppl came down to see what exactly was being done because the data that we will collect will be enlighting…

they are thumbing down the transmitters to make sure they stuck well to the HSC..

here’s a closer look..

once the HSCs were tagged and settled, and the usual data of the 100s over other HSCs data were recorded, we released some of the tagged HSCs back…….

honeslty, it was so fulfilling the feeling, it was as if we just stepped on the moon! lesley and i gave each other an excited look as we placed the HSCs on the mud and saw them dig into the ground… woa!

then we set off to lim chu kang jetty once more to release the remaining horseshoe crabs.

we also wanted to find more horsehoe crabs at LCK jetty, but we didnt manage to find any that was alive. it was getting dark and awefully hard to find the HSCs in the soft mud. so we decided we might need to think of an alternative…….. so…. we’ll probably try one more time at LCK after we TY tells Mr Yeo to keep a lookout for some. CC thinks that the HSCs will probably stay around the ends of the kelongs where fish feed are frequently thrown down… if we cant, then we’ll go back to kranji mudflats to release 4 more HSCs.

washing up at LCK was interesting because of the lack of water facility. or should i say the only water facility was inside the Police Coast Guard building…. lesley bravely went up to ask them, they declined to let us in (obviously) but the graciously filled up our bucket and then we recycled the water to wash our booties and feet…

it was a good trip…. and i cant wait to see the results that we’ll go collect in 2 weeks time!


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3 responses to “and now we can track where the horseshoe crabs go…

  1. Gaurav

    November 25, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    That’s really interesting! Can’t wait to see the preliminary findings you mentioned in your last blog post!

    • misspegasus

      November 25, 2010 at 3:43 pm

      exciting isnt it!! im really excited to collect the results in 2 weeks time. i will definitely blog abt it when i get it. 😀


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