Plinky: My Fav Word

24 Nov

the thought of having a favourite word just brings me back to the movie Serendipity.

the movie’s all abt this girl who believes that fate tells signs of future and you’ve just got to follow the signs. the guy and the girl live their own lives after spending a brief evening together. after a few yrs, they realise they still think of each other and try to look for each other – eventually fate works everything out….

im usually on the fence abt the concept of fate. i believe that we all already have a plan for each of us. but i also believe that we cannot say that it’s fate and resign to things. but this movie really just brings out how sometimes, things just work out in ways we dont always wish they did, but if its meant to be yours, you’ll get it eventually…….

my favourite word – serendipity

its like what kate beckinsale says in the movie, “serendipity – it has a nice sound for what is means; a fortunate accident”

here’s a short trailer..

whats your favourite word?

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Posted by on November 24, 2010 in i-Typical, i-Wish



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