the celebration that marked the ending of my sec sch

20 Nov

its kinda nostalgic…. its near KSS grad night, once again. this yr, my babies  + remaining sec 5s will definitely create havoc and make it known to the world that they rule… haha… i definitely hope they do!

for some reason, this year, im thinking back on my own sec sch grad night. it was the first time we ever wore something so formal/seductive/sexy/classy….. and we did it for ourselves. not for any boy to look, but for ourselves. (we came from a girls’ sch anyway… so its not like we had a choice!)

i remember going out with my friends to shop for that perfect little black dress or the other perfect little black dress. at that time, all we ever knew was that ‘girls wear little black dresses to prom’

and so i did…. it was a really nice black dress, and i added on dangling earrings. wore a nice pair of heels, which i bought just for that occasion. wore make up – which i fear if i ever see the pics, i might freak myself out! (no lah, i wasnt that hideous –  i thought i looked nice)

dad sent my friend and me to that venue. Balmoral club or country club or something… that night, there were coloured lights decorating the blue building. my friend and i felt nervous as we stepped out of the car. but once we saw our friends, all we could talk abt was …….. well, what else, but each other’s little black dresses for that night.. those bare backs, or the spagetti straps or how short those skirts were.. we were 16/17.. what do you expect?

somewhere along the night, i kinda felt a little odd. its a sinking feeling i sometimes get when im in a party or function, when i feel i dont quite belong. or would just prefer to be anti-social in a setting which doesnt allow anti-socialism.

anyway, lucky draws and nice food and prom queen (remember, i came from a girls’ sch) were over..

soon enough we reached the end of the session. we stood up to sing some songs. and the one i remember the most was one of my favourite songs then. “Friends” by Michael W Smith.

by now, it’s probably a common prom night song. to say that friends will last forever. truth is, of all the friends i made in sec sch, ive lost contact with most of them. majority of them. fact is that we all move on to JC/Poly and meet more friends with similar interests and maturity. soon enough, went to NUS where sec sch friends just seemed too distant.

some of my friends now do keep in touch with some of their sec sch mates. and i guess, true friendship does withstand the test of time.

so anyway, we stood around our tables, hands over each others shoulders and waists, swinging left to right, we sang the song “Friends” with so much passion and conviction, i was sure that we would be FRIENDS FOREVER even if we went to different JC/Polys. haha…

its kind of a bitter-sweet moment for me to think that my babies will probably keep in touch with their classmates longer than i did. simply because technology allows them to remember each other. once they are on each others FB, you’ll always be in contact. and thats the beauty of it all. you dont have to call each other to meet up, just as long as you get each others newsfeed on FB, you become part of their lives.

as my babies move on, celebrating the end of their sec sch life, i hope they become gentlemen who care for and make good decisions. i hope they become confident ladies who are sure of themselves and their self-worth. i hope they make an impact on the lives of others and those they’ll work with in the future.

its been a 5-yr roller coaster ride with them. too many ups and downs, multiple disappointments, and just as many joyous moments where i felt proud of them. i cried over them and i showed them off. and i remember im always cursing and swearing at them.

me: i hate them! idiots!
everyone else: no you dont.
me: i do! they are such big idiots! all no brains one. idiots!
everyone else: thats what you say, but you love them..
me: argh! idiots! im not going to call them babies anymore. they will be called idiots! idiots!

and then i’ll think of what to get them as gifts and cards and photos and etc. i contradict myself. i honestly think im bipolar when it comes to my babies.. haha….

they have made me the most upset, but they are also the ones who put the biggest smile on my face..

they are all good kids, and i know they’ll make it somewhere someday. while i hope they remember me, i know i’d have just played a small part in their growing up years, just as my teachers did, just a small part in my whole life. ive moved on, just as my babies will move on. and i hope that they have made great memories of their sec sch to tell their friends 20 -30 yrs later, tell their grandkids with a smile on their faces 50 yrs later. i hope they’ll remember kss and their teachers as having made a difference to their 5 yrs in sec sch. 🙂

goodbye babies! 😀

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  1. Jie Heng

    November 21, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    I’VE BLOGGED! and not just one post! 😀


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