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Children Little Museum

the children little museum is found along the collection of streets and shop houses along what we cluster and call arab street.. it so happened that we chanced upon it as we walked around the place. GS mentioned of one, and has been inside before, but for the other 2 of us…… we had a fantastic time reliving our childhood memories!

after taking a few pics with this robot, we went in…

here’s a coin clot machine..

and an old music player – the olden day jukebox (even older than the one you see in TopGun)

other older things like TV with cover (since TV was the most valued item in those days) and a gramaphone and stuff..

on the entrance of the staircase to the ‘museum’ above, here’s a prologue with a shelf of old robot toys..

items used for baby stuff in those days..

rocking horses chairs…

prams of those day, looking not as cosy as the ones today..

the olden day push cart – still quite similar to the ones you find in bazaar style sales areas…

a photo of the man with the same pushcart..

more olden day toys on a shelf – some of which ive played with before..

especially this one..

some DIY toys..

some rural village games..

a typical toy shop…

a typical barber shop layout…

the oldies might remember the red and blue swirling thing which meant to barber shops as did the red cross to any clinic! haha..

some of the typical things you’ll find in a barber shop..

school stuff of those days..

a typical primary school – proud to say ive never been in a sch whose building looked like this.. i had multi stories, so im not that old..

like the uniforms of the primary school kids… check out the size of that belt!

the tables and chairs of those days…. with table top compartments which i still find more useful than the under-table-slots that we have now..

a typical autograph book… mine too, looks like this. standard stuff, your name, telephone number and address and some sort of poem..

things you find in a bookshop… quite standard..

the colour pencils brand that ppl my generation used…

look at what else we saw!!!! an olden day movable cinema!!!!!

this is where you look into to see the movie..

and how much did it cost to watch movies???

and the ppl who made this museum possible… – here are some of their pics from their childhood..

go visit this place. its at kandahar street. and it costs only $2 to enter this place……. its worth the money…

go check out the place. and you can buy olden day toys at a cheap price too….

have fun!


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