Plinky: 10 things that make me happy

12 Nov

as usual, i took a while to write this post, reflecting on what really makes me happy and here’s what i came up wih…

i love sunsets. more than sunrises, not just because i probably couldnt be bothered to wake up that early. but rather cos seeing the sun set makes me feel like the whole day slows down. regardless of how hectic the day was, sitting down to watch the sun set slows down time for those few minutes, and i relish in that. at times i stand over my bathtub, watching the sun go down over mindef and how the sky suddenly becomes dark.. its like, the day has ended and its time to relax…

watching the waves crash in on the shore, seeing the tiny bubbles coming out of the sand as the tide receeds, watching the reflection of the sunset on the wet surface of the shore. hearing the gentle waves come in. watching the bubbles foam up and burst as the water goes back in. now and then you get to see a tiny crab crawling across… and you marvel in how beautiful life is…

sunflowers make me really happy…… something abt sunflowers that just brighten up my day regardless of how disappointing it is…. seeing a plain of sunflowers… wow….. that just makes me wanna jump around in joy!!! i just love seeing sunflowers… they brighten up my day. who cares abt roses and carnations.. ugh…

i love seeing ppl play music, love seeing how their fingers make music. love seeing how rhytmn flows from one note to the other. i love the sound of piano. i enjoy the sound of piano. and i really wish i hadnt stopped veenai classes when i was in sec 1.. otherwise, i’d have learnt to make music myself too. right now, i dont have the determination nor the committment to pick music up again.

being among soft things that fall on me.. like bubbles and flowers, and bubbles.. like you can twirl around as though you are among the clouds in heaven… 🙂 hehe… recently, ive been doing that – simple childhood joy comes back..

i like the feeling i get when i see old couples hold hands, perhaps sometimes limping in their steps, coughing softly. when the grandfather tucks the grandmother’s hair behind her ears. when they say something to each other and laugh abt it. i wish my parents and grandparents were like that, but since its not, i guess no point dwelling on it..

i like surprises, but i dont like the feeling that lingers after the surprise is over.. so, i tend not to want any surprises… so… i dont know whether this should come under this list, but anyway.. no… i dont want surprises. the feeling after that surprise is over is so bland and makes you feel miserable.. at least for me…

i enjoy sitting under shelter under a warm cosy blanket watching the raindrops fall on the puddle of water. i love the way it forms the ripples on the water. it takes my breath away. all i want to do is to stop everything else for a while and watch the ripples.. it makes me smile…

i like travelling in a car late in the night with the windows drawn down… with the few cars on the road, its so nice to smell the night air. as fresh as it can be, just like one after a rain… i havent had that many chances to do so though, cos im almost always usually home before what you would call a typical late night… haha.. a

i love the idea that i’d enjoy seeing dolphing and large mammals in the ocean. but ive never done it before, so i cant say that. but im sure i’ll love it. i’d love to, really. i will probably enjoy diving, i guess…. so, that’s next yr. the next big thing on my agenda of things-to-do-for-myself before the next bigger thing happens after that.


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2 responses to “Plinky: 10 things that make me happy

  1. Ibrahim

    November 12, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    #2 – waves
    #10 dolphins – my friend saw some pink dolphins off johor while kayaking from Pulau Ubin, Singapore

    • misspegasus

      November 12, 2010 at 10:20 pm

      wow.. check out that wave frozen in time!

      there has been some wild dolphins spotted off singapore’s coast actually…. ive never seen a wild dolphins before…
      while kayaking? wow… thats so fantastic!

      thanks for the ubin kayak link.. might check it out someday…


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