i had the most aweful dream last night!!!!!

08 Nov

i tell you, its freaking disgusting!!!!!! ahhhh…….. why??? what did i do?? why did i get that kind of dream?!?!!!?!?!?

you see, i was in some sort of ship or something.. and then i think the i fell overboard or something. or maybe there was some natural disaster and many ppl fell aboard maybe. then i hit the back of my head against something hard in the water. somehow i know it was a skull fracture. then the next scene is when the on-site emergency personnel come to do first aid to me. they cut off the back half of my head and said they’ll send me to the hospital A & E. so i said ok. (right at this point, i dont know how i can still be talking when the back half of my brain is gone).

i reach the hospital, by when my parents and other ppl i know (actually cant remember) are there already. i tell them not to worry. the doc arrives and looks at the back of my head with some hair covering it, and says, “dont worry. as long as i operate on you within the next 30 mins, you’ll be fine” so i feel fine since the doc said i’ll be fine. i get admitted (after the doc looks at me!!) and i have ppl i know (i think) by my bedside. and then when i finally look at the watch, its 1 hr past getting admitted. and i get worried cos the back of my head has been exposed for so long. so i send for the nurse to get the doc. the next time i look at the watch, its 2pm. for some reason in the dream, i calculate that its been 4 hrs since the back half of my head was removed. and i start panicking. but the ppl around me have waited so long that their anxiety has turned to boredom. and im so worried that they arent worried abt me…..

i call for the nurse again who gets the doc this time round. the doc says, “look, i have big shots from japan and hong kong that i need to attend to. if you can wait, wait. if you cant, you can discharge yourself and go to a private hospital”

and i look at the doc in awe, and my parents/ppl i know discuss other non-life-threatening issues………… i almost start to cry..

and then i wake up. i look around. i run my right hand from the front to the back of my head – and then i realise its a dream.

and its 725am. and i need to be in sch for a lesson that starts at 8am.


what kind of dream is this!?!?!!?!!!?!? what the hell man!!!!

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Posted by on November 8, 2010 in i-Irk


One response to “i had the most aweful dream last night!!!!!

  1. Asadullah Ilyas

    November 11, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    well its an exciting dream.
    but i dont think it has some meanings in it
    because it made me laugh all the time


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