and thats how you use luminous jellyfish proteins!

07 Nov

it is not good enough that you have a great idea. you got to get it to work…

so scientists have made some headstart into identifying cancer cells early. in a gist, basically, they insert the luminous proteins into viruses that have been programmed to go into cancer cells which they call metastases. as the viruses start to grow and divide, they naturally make more of the proteins. using a special camera, the cells which contain the luminous proteins show up, and the doctors will be able to discover really early, the location of the cancer cells before it spreads.. you can read the full article for a not so brief summary.

of course, this is only valuable IF ppl go for the tests early. but quite practically speaking, no one really goes for cancer tests unless they have symptoms of discomfort, which by then is usually not in the early stages of cancer…

but anyway, it feels so great that i have gone back to reading some interesting journals that ive kept away for the most part of this year.

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