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i should just pack and go. asap.

afterall, my goals and the organisation’s goals arent aligned. maybe the reason why i joined this service isnt the same reason why some others join the service. it really could just be yet another job to them. (quite frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that either – cos it is a job) but i guess, i’d be better off not being in a profession which preaches to have its clients at the epicentre, but in actual fact, its all just a bunch of crap!

i really should have left long ago.

and if i had planned earlier, i’d leave just as my babies leave.

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Kampong Lorong Buangkok – street life

on a small dirt road off yio chu kang road, we walked our way into what ppl say is the last kampong in singapore (kampong meaning rural village kinda place)

while all other places around this kampong have all been made into the typical high rise establishments, this one place, still remains – seems that the owner of the land doesnt want to sell the place – but im sure she will someday soon enough be pressurised into doing so..

and you know what, as old as it has been, they had road names WITHIN the kampong previously when much of yio chu kang was still a rural settlement..

1954… wow…

1954 also means that their electricity came from the kind of cables that you dont see on singapore streets anymore!!! check this out!

so many typical bunglow style houses with land area we singaporeans cant even dream of having today…

the rustic street of the olden days still remains..

their letterbox – not the kind we have today with lock and small entry slits..

the backyard of one house, having ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in the kampong context..

and the backyard of another house… with a glass dining table… hehe.. so these kampong ppl arent as kampong in all aspects..

beds on a backyard, to enjoy the nights with sounds of crickets and flies and mozzies and frogs and possible snakes..? hmmm…

their toilet and bath area!!!!! i would never want to live like this!!!! but hey, if you are used to it, many ppl are used to this..

campfire candles – the kampong style.. 🙂

as we headed out, we saw another local visitor to this place…

and at the entrance… this bunglow… probably the land owner’s house…

flood advisory (from august 2010)

this trip has been “oh.. wow…. hey, look there… look here… look at this…” kind of an experience!

take a trip down if you would like…

here’s how you get there…

Yio Chu Kang Road, near the junction with Ang Mo Kio Ave 5. You can take buses 70, 103, 854 and stop outside the shell petrol station. you got to take the stairs down to gerald drive. and you’ll find your way around. nearest MRT is serangoon station (take 103 from there) and yishun station (take 854 from there).

have fun and remember to leave everything as it is – respect the last kampong left here..

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