the simple pleasures of a kid…

02 Nov

was at a neighbour hood ‘shopping centre’ this afternoon when while waiting for LL and TBL to settle their stuff, i strode outside. i saw this bunch of coin machines…

i remember my bro and i used to save for days just to accumulate $1 so that we can play one of the coin slot machines which will roll out some ‘kinder bueno’ style egg capsules (inside which was some tiny silly toy which i dont remember playing with much anyways)..

so you can imagine my exuberant reaction when i saw that the cost per game for the coin slot machines now are……

guess what….

just $0.10 and $0.20!!!!! thats how much the kids these days dont quite find that the coin slot machine is a mystery game. haha… of course, if i were a kid of today, i wouldnt care abt these machines too… but hey, i couldnt help it. i put in 10cents to play a game. and then TBL and LL also put in their fair share to play their games!

look what came out…

tickets… or something to that effect…. and while wondering what we were supposed to do with the tics……………….

yea… you got it… we needed to collect 600 of those tickets to get a flash light…

now you know why the kids these days cant be bothered with the coin slot machine! haha!!!

but hey.. it was fun! for 20 cents, i seriously dont mind playing it again! 🙂

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Posted by on November 2, 2010 in i-Happy, i-Miss, i-Typical


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