HSC tracking project – trial

30 Oct

following our recee trip last month, last sat, i met up with L and HH and TY to test out the possible way of implementing the horseshoe crab tracking project.

we beat the rain and lightning to get to kranji mudflats. cold and concerned, we tried out TY’s way of attaching the transmitters to paper plates (tried and tested at home based on american journal)

and then we got down to business with cutting the velcro according to the size of the transmitter.

and then we cleaned the surface of the HSC making sure we did not let the liquids touch the eyes. but, with sensors all around the front of the HSC, im sure we affects some of those cells there… we glued the velcros onto the surface..

and i think the HSCs must have felt kinda uncomfortable cos it stayed still for quite a while after that. poor thing… but, this method was stated as the most effective way of attaching a transmitter to the HSC, so we went ahead anyway…

once we thought the velcros were stuck forever (under water for about 6 months), we put them back into the container with water, and then the HSCs started moving again… so.. yea, they didnt die under our hands!

once the real transmitters come in, we’ll do the proper data logging and collection and then it’ll be real exciting to see the distribution and movement of horseshoe crabs. and if we happen to find their spawning site, WOW!!!! 🙂 im excited to see the outcome once we get onto the real transmitters. 🙂

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Posted by on October 30, 2010 in i-Bio


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