a nice walk along the street of shops

24 Oct

after sjab walkathon, we went down to arab street cos GS wanted to get cakes from this shop. apparently, she heard from her friend that the shop sells really good cakes.

check out what they say abt the opening hours! haha.. “sundays and public holidays – ad hoc!” haha…

God knows what we’d stumble into on our ‘tourist-like’ tour around arab street! we saw many tourist-type shops selling singapore-related keychains, handphone charms, shirts, bags, pencils, etc.. you get the point.

here’re some pics of almost everything that caught out eye and facinated us!

this is an old mosque…. and lovely architecture..

one of the shops selling singapore-related touristy stuff.. but more interesting than that, look at the colours of the colonial style street! nice eh… the heartlanders here are so used to this free living, you can even see a man wearing a sarong (in the middle of town!)

we went to several other places. we saw ‘blue ribbon’ which is supposedly an exquisite chocolate shop found at kandahar street.

and then we saw this astounding place. Children Little Museum, which totally DESERVES an entire blog post by itself, so that will come later..

we crossed the street and walked into the lobby of parkview square cos GS said the lobby was just too fantastic not to walk into…

too fantastic? i’d say too extravagent to miss! parkview square is singapore’s very own ‘gotham city’ look-a-like building, which im pretty sure wasnt architecturally thought of my singaporeans because it looks far too greek-inspired.

i didnt take pics of the exterior, i should have. and i shouldnt have taken pics of the interior, but i did until the security asked me to stop. so, here’s what i have.

seems that they have the tallest wine cellar in singapore (asia?).. thats the cellar behind that bright pillar. and GS said she’s ever seen a fairy (lady with harness and stuff) fly up to the top to get the higher end wine bottles from the top of the cellar.

its an extravagent place…

this weekend was extremely eventful that after i got home, i conked out till abt 6 pm… and i still have saturday’s thing to blog abt and part 2 of sunday’s trip…. and that will be up soon… 🙂


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2 responses to “a nice walk along the street of shops

  1. Jie Heng

    October 24, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Oh my! I didn’t know my blog is on your “read list”! I think I should update more often just for you! ❤

    • misspegasus

      October 25, 2010 at 7:15 am

      lol… i dont put just anyone’s blog on my reading list. those that i find who write nice stuff or stuff that i’ve taken to reading, then i’ll put up there.. so…. yes… pls do update more often.. 🙂


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