T4 W(i dont know what) updates

17 Oct

for the first time since i started teaching, i actually lost count of which week of the term im at. haha.. now its like, weeks dont matter, its the days left to Os that matter.

so last week was the last week for the sec 4/5s and everyone went around taking pics of anyone and anything. kinda expected it, but alas, it wasnt as ‘terok’ as the 2008 sec 4/5 batch. that was was wild! so we were saved.

im seeing my sec 5s for like maybe the last 3 official lessons before they get cut loose. sometimes i feel like ive not done enough. sometimes i feel that the ownership of educatin should be on them. either way, tmr, im having the last bio mock exam and we’ll see how prepared they are. i believe most of them have started studying.

a tinge of sadness went through me on friday, when at about 130pm, i sat in my seat in the staffroom and realised, “it was the last official day for my babies” as it dawned upon me that they really wont be here next year. through all the ups and downs, haha… sometimes, i really think these 5 yrs with them was an amazing learning journey.

for alot of other teachers, honestly, seeing batch after batch of students they’ve grown to care abt leave the sch, has become a norm. so much so that at times, they tell me, “kids will come and go. dont be too attached” and yes, i understand.

teachers leaving the sch this yr? yeap… quite a bit too. and coincidentally, after the 2008-2009 episode, ive learnt to accept that ppl have their own lives to lead. as i do mine, should i choose to leave one day too.

as i sit here setting my bio mock paper for tmr and race against time to mark my EOY scripts while they do the paper, im thinking, what is my significance in this whole dynamic and ever-changing system of things. im honestly trying to find my self-worth in this whole concept of being dispensible.

so anyway, ive got a whole lot of things i need to settle as the end of yr comes. crappy stuff that im still trying to manouver my way around. things will get more messy, just as my table has, once again – not lasted being clean for more than a week. (i know i keep saying i need to seriously find a system to keep my desk clean – but…. but… )

so my right hand was on TV today. yep, you heard me right. my right hand with that ring on my ring finger was ‘showcased’ on  the first episode of Okto’s “love letters to earth”. and i’ll be honestly touched if anyone recognised that right hand of mine. hehe…

ive got a few prompts from plinky that i’d like to write on, but….. im not in the mood to think abt what to write. as you can clearly see from this unstructured post for the end of this week.

anyway, mom has started cleaning the house for deepavali. and, as usual, im keeping that to the last possible minute. procastination can bring you so much adrenaline in the end, its just hard to resist procastinating!!! 🙂 i still havent had the mood to invite my friends/colleagues over to my house for a meal for deepavali. sigh… and am still half hearted abt getting them over this yr. sorry peeps… really. maybe i’ll just bring you all out for a meal instead.

alright, i better get back to settling that bio mock paper.

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