back to chek jawa

10 Oct

months seemed like years since ive walked on the sand bar at chek jawa. was kinda excited to go back down there even with my running nose! uegh..

so, as we were walking down to towards the broadwalk, we gathered where some foreigners had spotted a hornbill. thats my first hornbill sighting in the wild.

on route to the sand bar, this is what usually happens once the tide goes down..

fiddler crab stuff.. these crabs come out to sift the sand and get their foodies..

then we went on to have a brief identification exercise on the field. this hermit crab that was moving caught my eye.

then we headed off to monitor the seagrasses. it was a really hot day!

after surveying the seagrass, we explored the area. here’s what i photographed!

this is a green prawn (penaeids) – i think it looks really cute!

rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrazor clam!

i still just find it hard to believe this is actually a bivalve! so atypical of other bivalves…

a sand dollar. i only saw one. but others said they saw quite a number.

a seastar..

an orange peacock anemone… seriously, the colour here doesnt do any justice to how magnificent the orange really was in real!

white peacock anemone..

noble volute. this time – not laying eggs..

thorny sea cucumber…

and the ball sea cucumber..

here’s my most interesting find for the day. can you find anything in the next pic?

here’s a close view. (the side view)

(the front view)

now can you spot it again?

this is called a filefish. as i did my search, found that many filefish have this one thorn like structure sticking on top of the head. but, hey, its interesting!

this brown stuff are ascidians. im not too sure whether the orange ones are. they look like some sort of anemones..

this next pic is of really tiny sea anemones. and they are swimming anemones!

check out the video of them swimming!

this is a peacock anemone when water is high enough to cover it. (:

this flatworm was found by someone else. its in one of my fav colours!

you got to check out how it moves!

this crab just got its meal. went back into shelter as it savoured its find.

and then another exciting find by Siti… a scorpion fish! my first sighting in the wild!!!! wow…. see how it blends in…. a number of us took pics and then we left it alone..

purple sponges…

a large coastal horseshoe crab..

and then we started heading back… a few visitors stood at the broadwalk to observe the shore and what we were doing..

the lights on the aeroplanes started to show… i think we spent a considerable amount of time exploring the shore yesterday. great!

as we waited for the van to bring us back, ubin’s dear wild boar came up searching for its dinner…

sunset… and we were all pretty tired. or perhaps just interested in taking the sights of the sun setting over the eastern island…

its been a great trip once again…


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2 responses to “back to chek jawa

  1. otterman

    October 20, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    Thanks for the video of the swimming sea anemone, Boloceroides mcmurrichi, at Chek Jawa; I was tickled to see the tiny ones swimming; must show my students. We learnt about it from Daphne Fautin when this large one from Changi was brought back to NUS during the Singapore survey – posted on Habitatnews.

    • misspegasus

      October 20, 2010 at 10:47 pm

      no problem…. you can use the videos if you need to… 🙂


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