freaking frigates!

03 Oct

woa… check this out!

this bird is known as the frigate bird, also known as man of war birds.

and this distinguishing red pouch you see if inflated during mating season to attract the females. why the females find this sexy, i dont know… im sure they have their reasons. here’s a video of their mating call.

at 1min, the man finally lands his lady!

i dont suppose you should do that to a bird thats larger than the average size of man, but hey, its funny!

frigates are huge, with a male bird’s wingspan reaching 2.3m. the young frigate is also usually quite large. but while they wait for their parents to bring them food, they sit still with their heads hung down – cooping up apparently is energy efficient. maybe cos they dont lose as much heat as when they are wide open. (??) when food finally arrives, the young stick their heads into the parent’s throat and eat! haha..

frigates are also kleptoparasitic! in lay man’s terms, they steal other bird’s food! frigates are fast and manouver well, and this ability allows them to irritate other shorebirds into VOMITTING out their food! euuuu! but still, they hunt over the water for most of the time, scooping up sea turtles and fish while on flight, like many pelagic birds do. 🙂

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