conversations of september

02 Oct

i meant to post this when sep ended, but you know… bla bla bla…

many ppl know how i hate smoking and smokers. but only a few know how MUCH i hate them. it is something i dont get, and i admit im very biased towards ppl that i see smoking because, I REALLY HATE SMOKERS.

so when i saw someone i knew smoking, i turned to LL and HH and said,

me: i hate smokers. i hate them
LL/HH: haha..
me: really.. i hate smokers. i really hate them. and he’s supposed to be a good guy!
LL: well, its not a matter of whether he’s a good guy or bad guy. think of him as misguided
me: ….
LL: well, you got to separate the action from the person. you hate the smoking. not the person.
me: … (well, as a teacher, we admonish the act, not the person – so why cant i do the same?)
LL: ya… i just abt hate anything that goes into my lungs, other than fresh air. take this incense, i hate it too!
me: …

so, i learnt something that day. but i still dont understand why ppl smoke, and i still feel biased towards it. it might be unjustified because i possess a whole lot of bad habits, but still, i dont like it when ppl smoke.

another conversation shocked me.

KP: do you go by the name pegasus?
me: yea… thats me!!!

and then 2 other conversations from 2 unconnected ppl also went along the same lines. wow…. seriously, there happen to be ppl who recognise my online identity! haha… 😀 i mean, 1 was already a big deal, but 3 strangers…. woa…. 😀 ppl actually read my blog and remember my blog/screen name. thats a big deal to me. 😀

being caught up with work recently, and refusing to do any work related activities in the few min break that i can steal now and then and been hectic. i do have short breaks here and there, but i really felt caught up with work when this conversation finally happened.

MR: so we need to settle __________ and __________. and then __________ and ___________. and remember to _________.
me: ……………………. ya… hmmm….. ok….
MR: so hows your marking?
me: actually ya, i have 4NA to settle and quite frankly, right at this point, nothing else that i need to do comes even an inch close to being as important as the 4NA. so… ya..
MR: oh… yes yes… of course….
and the conversation continues.

well, honestly, i do have some time here and there to do things. and i know the reason why i didnt use those pockets of time to do work and instead collect money from millionaire city. pleading guilty. but, really……….. am i rebelling? the 4NA will be having their exams on monday, and i will be there to send them off. i hope they remember everything the teachers taught them..

and then on thursday,

YW: i have this friend who idk what he does, but everywhere he goes, he is collecting sand samples. and he’d take pic of himself with sand samples on one hand and a wave-hi on the other. and none of us have any idea what he does!
me: 🙂
YW: i realised that all of us have interests that are so different from what we are actually doing. KS loves tennis, SK loves badminton, i love to travel and you love marine bio.
me: ….. 🙂

so, september  has been interesting.

maybe i should add, interestingly challenging.

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