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oh Maddy….

this was the movie i was totally convinced that Madhavan was fantastic…

Kannathil Muthamittal…. and i love the song with the title track. the song is abt a father’s love for his daughter (who is actually adopted) and how she’s his joy and pain…….

of course, the title track also runs for the mother, whose version i dont like as much as Maddy’s because obviously im star struck by Maddy’s performance in the movie.

for the majority of you readers who wouldnt understand the songs, the lyrics of both songs are different except for the chorus. but the lyrics are both great and i just love the way the song expresses a parent’s love for their child….

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my favourite cartoons (from the 80s)

so im feeling all retrospective this weekend as i sit here and think of what happened to the past 10 yrs of my life.. never would i have thought in a million yrs that one day i’d be what i am today. i dont know…… honestly, i really miss my younger days.

i had not a care in the world. i’d play ‘army’ with my bro when both my mom and dad were at work. mom did night shift so we were free from the afternoon onwards. dad comes home in the evening, and the moment we heard his bike sound, we’d pack everything up and pretend like we had been diligently studying since mom left in the afternoon…

when dad reached home, he’d tell us to take a break, and my bro and me would happily sit in the hall and watch cartoons, secretly feeling a sense of accomplishment having successfully conned my dad once again..

so, here are some of the cartoons i had really enjoyed watching…


Pinky and the Brain

check out the tongue twister version! cool!

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Bananas in pyjamas

Gummy Bears


Care bears

and then there are other cartoons like Yogi Bear and some cartoon with that very energetic mouse or something that goes “andhiri andhiri yee baa yee baa”

haha… well… good times dont always last. but neither do bad times. and life goes on.

if we can stay in the past, maybe a number of us would love to stay there… but, whats the point. we’d probably end up wondering what might have been if we move on right?

remember the time when things were simpler?

so…. making a decision on the next few yrs of my life is going to be an interesting experience..


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HSC tracking project – trial

following our recee trip last month, last sat, i met up with L and HH and TY to test out the possible way of implementing the horseshoe crab tracking project.

we beat the rain and lightning to get to kranji mudflats. cold and concerned, we tried out TY’s way of attaching the transmitters to paper plates (tried and tested at home based on american journal)

and then we got down to business with cutting the velcro according to the size of the transmitter.

and then we cleaned the surface of the HSC making sure we did not let the liquids touch the eyes. but, with sensors all around the front of the HSC, im sure we affects some of those cells there… we glued the velcros onto the surface..

and i think the HSCs must have felt kinda uncomfortable cos it stayed still for quite a while after that. poor thing… but, this method was stated as the most effective way of attaching a transmitter to the HSC, so we went ahead anyway…

once we thought the velcros were stuck forever (under water for about 6 months), we put them back into the container with water, and then the HSCs started moving again… so.. yea, they didnt die under our hands!

once the real transmitters come in, we’ll do the proper data logging and collection and then it’ll be real exciting to see the distribution and movement of horseshoe crabs. and if we happen to find their spawning site, WOW!!!! 🙂 im excited to see the outcome once we get onto the real transmitters. 🙂

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been too tired to post

for those who come here and realise there’s no new post, trust me, i have 4 posts in drafts that i need to settle, but have not gotten down to it because im just too tired. i dont want to whine and groan over the tiresome part of the week againg cos it absolutely serves no purpose. give me the weekend to update the great things that happened last weekend and this week…. 🙂

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me is a happy person today…

so two of the items on my wishlist can be struck off… ive gone for my powerboat course (and realised its silly to pay even more to actually go for the theory and practical test). but the other one…. now… this one didnt come smoothly… 11 yrs after passing my BTT (and at that time, it was by using the OMR sheet), and clearing my FTT thrice, i finally sat for my TP test…………

and failed..

32 points is disgusting… gross… and i thought, “i definitely cant be THAT bad….”

so, instead of over compensating my nervousness, this time round, i told myself, “fail then try again lor…” who would have thought that i’d only make ONE mistake in the entire 30 min of test… 🙂

i am seriously impressed with myself. but hey, driving alone is an all new ball game… and i really hope i will be careful on the road…

NOW, i need my dad to teach me all those stuff i need to know abt engines, wheels, pumping air, pumping petrol, etc…. 😀

car shopping is so exciting!!!!!

the beginning of a new category: i-Drive


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a nice walk along the street of shops

after sjab walkathon, we went down to arab street cos GS wanted to get cakes from this shop. apparently, she heard from her friend that the shop sells really good cakes.

check out what they say abt the opening hours! haha.. “sundays and public holidays – ad hoc!” haha…

God knows what we’d stumble into on our ‘tourist-like’ tour around arab street! we saw many tourist-type shops selling singapore-related keychains, handphone charms, shirts, bags, pencils, etc.. you get the point.

here’re some pics of almost everything that caught out eye and facinated us!

this is an old mosque…. and lovely architecture..

one of the shops selling singapore-related touristy stuff.. but more interesting than that, look at the colours of the colonial style street! nice eh… the heartlanders here are so used to this free living, you can even see a man wearing a sarong (in the middle of town!)

we went to several other places. we saw ‘blue ribbon’ which is supposedly an exquisite chocolate shop found at kandahar street.

and then we saw this astounding place. Children Little Museum, which totally DESERVES an entire blog post by itself, so that will come later..

we crossed the street and walked into the lobby of parkview square cos GS said the lobby was just too fantastic not to walk into…

too fantastic? i’d say too extravagent to miss! parkview square is singapore’s very own ‘gotham city’ look-a-like building, which im pretty sure wasnt architecturally thought of my singaporeans because it looks far too greek-inspired.

i didnt take pics of the exterior, i should have. and i shouldnt have taken pics of the interior, but i did until the security asked me to stop. so, here’s what i have.

seems that they have the tallest wine cellar in singapore (asia?).. thats the cellar behind that bright pillar. and GS said she’s ever seen a fairy (lady with harness and stuff) fly up to the top to get the higher end wine bottles from the top of the cellar.

its an extravagent place…

this weekend was extremely eventful that after i got home, i conked out till abt 6 pm… and i still have saturday’s thing to blog abt and part 2 of sunday’s trip…. and that will be up soon… 🙂


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its still not the end of this week yet?


im tired. exhausted. burnt.

and im hoping this haze at the current unhealthy range will make me fall sick ‘naturally’ so that i wont have to feel guilty abt not coming to sch tmr……..


going back home now…..

ps: practical was clever…….. sigh…

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