ICCS 2010 @ Kranji bund

26 Sep

coastal clean up was timely… i was almost getting withdrawal symptoms from not being on the waters for a couple of months! ha…

the slope down to the mudflats was already quite cleared up, as compared to all the previous visits. i want to see if its always this cleaned up.

here’s hang chong with the briefing which was divided into 3 segments (horseshoe crabs, mangroves and cleanup + safety)

soon after, we headed down to the shoreline and started the rubbish-collection.

we saw a dead thunder crab.

we picked up all sorts of things. and almost everything we turned over, we had these wormy worms crawling out. and trust me, these worms never seem to end…. you pull one out, and you’ll never get to see the end of that one. it seems to be able to pull itself thin!

HH found an old casette player. just one side of it.

someone else found an old camera: check out the brand! OLYMPIC!

 we also found quite a number of horseshoe crabs trapped in fishing nets.

lesley cut the nets and tried to release the HSCs, while i cleared out a bag of HSCs that some fishermen rescued.

most of them were already dead. some which had lost their tails.

one breath taking moment was when we saw the white bellied sea eagle scoop up its meal… the video is in my previous post.

soon after,clean up was over too soon.. i still had energy to clear more rubbish, but still we managed to bag over 648kg of rubbish of all sorts.

more data is available on the ICCS blog.

after that, our makan kechil was fun, with KP and allan leading songs…

many of them brought their own utensils, and im guilty of not bringing mine!

with CC enjoying their songs

and our lead guitarists…

it was night, as we left the place, i stood watching across the waters for a while….

“if only i can spend some time cleaning up my room and sch table like i did today”



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  1. otterman

    October 2, 2010 at 11:04 pm

    Thanks for the timely post! Jut added the NSS post here:


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