not just a beach clean up

19 Sep

coastal clean up started last week…. you can follow Singapore’s official blog for information on how much rubbish is going to be collected in singapore shores soon when all the clean-up ICs submit their records…

im going down next week and i guess getting muddy and dirty isnt the way most ppl spend their saturday night. ive got students sharing abt marine debris and their effects on marine life and i hope they through this sharing with the public, they are more conscious of their environments. hopefully develop a sense of responsibility and love for the environment.

its not just a beach clean up. its an international effort to show how much rubbish is in our ocean. tons and tons of rubbish. and ppl dont feel guilty because they cant see where the rubbish goes = not their problem. but, have they ever stopped to consider that so much of their food comes from the ocean, and these rubbish does kill the marine animals.

but of course, for pp like me, its not abt the food… its abt the rich biodiversity that you find under water. it truly is a special world there. and i hope more and more ppl will see that and stop throwing litter that will eventually get to the seas…

will update on this next week!

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