things ppl say, things ppl mean….

17 Sep

i just got back from an extended family meeting/squabble. the kind that ive kept away from for the past 8 years. i went today because i wanted someone to know that i knew. that there was no point lying and pretending that things were all smooth and that everyone was part of one big happy family.

i was just a spectator. but im actually still a little in shock having witnessed some voice-raising, and finger-pointing, the pain that came out from the way the words were stringed to show the emotions. and not knowing what to do/think/feel after i come back home, i go straight to my room and get onto my student fb account.

a sting of student updates on their lives. and i wondered how a child would feel if he was admist all the noise i was hearing at the gathering. as an adult, i still cant decipher my thoughts and feelings. what more, as a child. im an adult, and i know that life goes on.

but……….. really………. seriously………

i’d feel extremely bad for any child that has to go through this. any child who isnt in university/graduated from poly yet would never be able to understand family politics.

and all the child might think is, “im sorry, i’ll never misbehave again. stop shouting at each other“. and the worst part is, it isnt even the child’s fault..

my parents didnt shout at each other. but, if a child was admist parents shouting and fighting and disagreeing all the time, i think the child would get sick of life. so much for wanting to create a positive environment for the child to develop. some parents really dont know how to handle.

i cant judge, cos im not a parent. but, i believe there are certain things that cannot be said in front of a child that cant understand how adult relationships work.

with a heavy heart, the child comes to school. loses focus and day dreams in class. the teacher scolds. to the child, he feels that nothing he does satisfies anyone. “why should he even bother?” and then he could possibly give up on even trying to make something out for himself.

i reflected to someone the other day that instead of scolding the student for the action, we should try and find out what it is thats bothering him and tackle that issue first. unfortunately, we dont have that much time to spend repairing every student. maybe a few. but not all……

i really dont know if i have done enough. i hope at least the sch is a form of reprive for students who have issues at home. if i can save everyone, i would. but i cant. im only human.

but saving one starfish, is still a starfish saved.

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