shark laughs, and not.

11 Sep

whats up with the mood in here…

shark cartoon

looked through the recent 5 posts on my blog and realised how emo the blog turned out to be. of course, those who dont have the passwords wont know, cos it so happens that 4 of the recent 5 posts are protected.

hmmm…….. so… i had to do something to make the ppl who read this smile for some reason. and while i dont have anything to write that might make ppl smile, errrrrrrr….. these comics shall make do…

shark cartoon

actually, i cant remember who directed me to this site… i know someone did. i didnt find this myself. but anyway, i find it funny… for a ocean lover, i think its funny…

especially when sharks think that humans evolved into sharks.. ya right…!

shark cartoon

but this next one, i totally agree…………

shark cartoon

today, in the 9pm channel 8 drama, there was a scene in a restaurant where this guy was ordering meals, and while trying to win over his client by ordering expensive food, he ordered shark’s fins soup. and i was quite taken aback.

if they media doesnt stop doing this, ppl arent going to know that its NOT ok…. but i guess the lives of sharks isnt as important. i guess the money lies in making drama for SARS, or YOG, or Dance…..

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