teaching – a noble job

01 Sep

its darn thick skinned, being a teacher myself. but, seemingly after many yrs of having students celebrate me, i forgot that i myself need to thank my teachers…

a teacher is not like an architect, who puts a roof over ppls heads.

a teacher is not like a banker, who dwells in financial issues to help ppl grow their money.

a teacher is not like a prosecuter, who fights for the rights of the general masses.

a teacher is not like a researcher, who develops high tech and novel solutions to everyday problems.

a teacher is not like a doctor, who saves lives.

a teacher is not any of the above. but, a teacher is definitely at the base of every profession. without teachers, there wouldnt be architects, bankers, lawyers, researchers, doctors… granted, self-taught professionals who learnt by sheer experience. granted, 90% of the things ppl studied in sch arent applied even in 10% of their daily lives.

but to get somewhere to get their education, at the very base, there were teachers.

i am where i am because my teachers guided me along the way. helped me graduate out of pri, sec, jc. which landed me in nus. where my professors taught me a great deal abt how much more there is to be inspired abt. who deepened my love for biology. and a great friend who taught my life’s most valuable lessons.

i wish i could remember all my teachers names, but i dont….

all of them have brought me to where i am…. somehow or rather. definitely more academic based, but still… i wish to thank them.

and i hope im doing for my students even more than what my teachers did for me. though now it seems like teachers are at their students disposal… haha..

Happy Teachers Day to all my pri (Mrs Mathi – PLMGPS), sec (Miss Cindy lew cum Mrs Cindy Teo, Mrs Kumar – PLMGSS), jc teachers (Mrs Chong, Mrs Suresh, Mr Salahuddin – SRJC). NUS lecturers, my UROPS professor-mentor (A/P Benny Tan), NIE lecturers, teaching-attachment mentors (Sally from Hua Yi, Angeline and Pamela From BPGHS, Karen Wong, Bee Leng and Chin Chin from kranji), and everyone else who guided me in my current sch..


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