feels like the weekend already

30 Aug

tomorrow’s a half day. and im lazing around at home. ive got 2 classes of mock paper to mark, 1 class of maths test; all of which ive promised to return asap. but apart from the sec 5 mock paper, i have the whole of 1 week holiday to mark the rest. hence, the laziness.

bro is watching gladiator on tv. and i hate fighting shows.

mom is moody. she’s been moody since yesterday. im not quite sure what triggered it. but… for the whole of yesterday, bro-mom-me spoke less than 20 sentences to each other altogether. the whole of yesterday. thought she’d be ok today, but she doesnt seem like she wants to talk either. and in moments like this, i dare not ask her what happened…….. so….. hmmmmmm………. kinda tense at home, all of us just keeping quiet. TV’s making the only noise there is, except from the sound of the keyboard im using to type this.

its teachers’ day tomorrow. i cant say im eagerly looking forward to it as i did during my first yr in teaching. its different. my thoughts and feelings are different.

perhaps, sometimes i wonder whether 1 day of appreciation is what teachers really want. i’d like to think that most ppl become teachers not for the appreciation from students. but rather to make a difference. so, the best gift for a teacher might be to see a student under your charge to succeed and do well in life and go places. what else could make a teacher more proud than to see her student doing well. (what to do, its a giving profession). but of course, we still appreciate the holiday and the thank you cards.

ive not been to chek jawa or semakau for a few mths already. was checking out the seagrass blog yesterday and i really want to go again. soon. i miss the waters. and next agenda on my “i-live-my-life” list would be to learn diving.

so i finally started my personal FB account. one without students and existing trs. we’ll see how many ppl i add………. being a rather private person.

anyway, with term 3 ending, there’s only 3 weeks of sch left. after that its back to AARs and meetings and budget planning and crap stuff to settle for 2011. another year has passed. time is running out.

im seriously considering studying, there are just so many things i need to think abt. to the extent of stepping down or requesting not to take sec 3 classes next yr. maybe. i dont know. not knowing whether im making the right decision. and im kinda worried telling my parents for various reasons… but we’ll leave that to later.

next monday is an impt day. you’ll know why next monday…

next week i was supposed to have  gone on a fieldtrip to tioman. fully paid for by MOE. but………………………………… sigh, the approval from those who needed to give me the approval came in too late. next year, i’ll apply. and this time, ive learnt that i need to pester those that need to give me the approval….

so its been a really random post……. and the title not doesnt fit the post. but, who cares…….

i got to go and finish off the iris johansen book. due date is wednesday and im not even half way through the book because of internet-related distractions and study-related activities… so, goodbye…

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