the YOG Swimming Experience

17 Aug

wah………… like WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just check out all the toned bodi…………..   swimming is such a mesmerising sport. and today i got to experience an international swimming competition at the venue itself…

this is the scoreboard…

this is how close the cameraman goes to the athletes…

though the venue seemed much too small to hold enough crowd for an international sports meet like THE OLYMPICS, the crowd was screaming (mostly girls from secondary school) for the singaporeans! Rainer Ng made it through the semis. the relay team didnt make it. and amanda didnt either. but hey, we all still love them still just because their bodie….  just because they put in their best effort!

this video is the 3rd and 4th swimmers of the Men’s Relay. Australia did so well for the first few laps. they were ahead by over half a body length. but in the last lap, russia came from no where and won gold.

i swear the aussie supporters just stopped breathing for a few seconds and stood in shock. actually the aussie swimmers were too. after they came out of the pool, they just stood and watched the score board and wondered, “how did this happen”…. quite sad for them…

was an interesting experience… though quite frankly, im starting to feel symptoms of a developing headache cos of all that noise……. going to sleep…. good night world…

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