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16 Aug

mom will be back this friday. so obviously, ive got to get the house back in order. i will be going for YOG Swimming finals tomorrow. and wednesday, i intend to sweep and mop the house 1 more time. and clean the kitchen. and do the laundry. and thursday we’ll be having dinner outside so that we dont mess up the house after a hefty clean up.

so, today was like the preliminary. i cooked black pepper prawn. and no… dont get all excited that i can cook. its just the sauteed with black pepper sauce that you can find in any supermarket. i cooked 4 vegetables, enough to last my bro for tomorrow. and bro and me on wednesday.

major sweeping and mopping (3 times) of the house. and soaping of the floor of the kitchen and washing and mopping it again. and cleaning of the stove with mr muscle. wiping clean the sink……… phew…

i feel like ive exhausted all the energy i accumulated from having the best term-time weekend yet.

through these 2 mths of having to look after the household, you’d think that i will help my mom next time. but no…. you see, ladies tend to have their own way and time of doing what they need to do. and my mom and i have differing views of how and when to do certain things. so, yes, ive repented, but…………. i’ll just let my mom do what she needs to do whenever she wants to do it.

but!!!!!! i really want to wash my hands of looking after the household..

really appreciate my mom for doing that for the past 30 yrs….. its not easy.

its a mundane job that requires very little brain juice. and yet, it has to be done.

almost everyday i cried because of my mom…. (well, i had to cook, and indian food never goes without onions…. tears just rolled out everytime i had to cut onions!)

now that she’ll be back, i guess things will be back to normal. normal meaning she’ll be nagging at my unwillingness to help out in household chores, working late, not doing something abt my life, feedig me weird medicine which i’ll accept for a few days and then rebel and months later she’ll start all over again, etc…………. but still, i really appreciate my mom. and i’ll be really glad to have her back home. cos this household cant do without her. she holds the family together.

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