the most relaxed weekend during term time

16 Aug

its not as if i didnt go back to sch on yesterday. i did. i even had 2 groups of students for IP coaching, from 9-1pm…

after that, i left, reached home, it was almost abt to rain. i smiled. it felt so good to be home, clean and dry and smell the weather just before it rained.  the YOG opening ceremony kinda ruined the mood, but still, it felt nice to be at home, with no agenda. 4NA marking over. of course students didnt do well. but hey, what else was i supposed to expect. after the sec 5s disappointing performance, i figured, i can handle all other disappointments from other students. 

so i didnt let that affect my mood. i was far too relaxed to let that bother me.

sunday was fine too. had to go to bbdc in the early afternoon. after that, i stopped by sheng siong to get some groceries and decided to walk back home. thank goodness the weather wasnt bad to me.

i took a slow stroll, crossing the road. near the drain, i saw 2 small pigeons pecking on some feed. even as i walked close by, they didnt fly away. that might have been the closest ive ever gotten to pigeons.

the last time i was that close to pigeons was way back in 1990s, when there used to be so many pigeons on grass patches below HDB blocks. all the aunties, including my mom, used to throw small bits of bread crumps, or scatter rice so that the pigeons had food to eat. and when i ran through the pack of pigeons, they’d fly away hurriedly and gather again just moments later at a nearby spot. watching and waiting for the threat (me) to leave. ha… talk abt old days… when simple things made us smile.

so anyway, even though i was walking alone, i smiled heartily to myself. a big smile happy that i got to walk right next to 2 beautiful birds at such close range.

back home, bro had gone out. dad had gone out. mom’s still not back from overseas (argh!). i was alone.

sometimes ppl miss out on the simplicity of just having time for yourself. i decided i’d have instant noodles for dinner later so i didnt have to cook. and i sat down to watch YOG matches on TV. read my iris johansen book.

now and then i’d steal a peak at the quiet house. i dont know abt how i’d feel in the future, but today, a house with no one made me feel so comfortable. its not abt the loneliness. its abt being alone. i could hop to the kitchen. i could lie anyway i wanted on the sofa. i could change the TV channel how many ever times i wanted whenever i wanted. i need not compromise for anyone.

maybe thats being selfish. and maybe thats why i appreciated this weekend. i dont know why i felt so light hearted. of course, occasional sad thoughts did flash past my brain, but i still felt light hearted nonetheless. i dont know why. but its rare that i feel so carefree and i wish the feeling would last longer, but hey…. reality has got to touch down somehow right…. i get all my sec 1/3 common test papers tmr. and tmr’s the week mom gets back home, so i got to clean up the house too… ugh…

but still, the best weekend yet…. right in the middle of a term… 🙂

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