5 species that cheated extinction

12 Aug

read this article on NewScientist quite some time back. only had the time to write this now.

these are short stories of how 5 species almost got extinct…….

this is a black footed ferret. apparently, in the US, this animal did alot of damage to alot of crops. considering it a pest, they tried to exterminate this animal, resulting is a probably extinction.

later in 1981, they discovered the black footed ferret again and in 1986, there were just 18 of them left. imagine, only 18 animals of that kind in the whold world.

they captured all 18 of them and bred them in captivity and then released back into the while, but population of this species went down to only 5. since then, stringent conservation efforts has gotten te population up to 200. congrats…

this is the blue iguana. this iguana is the longest living iguana, apparently, the oldest one is 67 yrs old. they can camouflage well, but when threatened, turn to intimidating blue. but were still heavily predated upon by cats and dogs.

in 2002, there were only 15 of them left in the wild. after 3 yrs of strong conservation efforts, there were still only 25 blue iguanas in the wild. still….

this is the rarest pigeon in the world. its the pink pigeon. at 38cm, its a large bird and needs a large enough habitat to hide from predators like monkeys. but habitats were destroyed for several reasons. in 1990, there were only 10 of them left, all in the same tree, and inbreeding.

through captive breeding programs for the past 20 yrs, the numbers have now gone up to over 350.. congrats!

this is the Bali Starling. as the name suggests, this species only lives on the island of Bali. with its beautiful colours, it is often poached to be kept as caged pets. its population in 1990 was only 15, and then rised to 50, but went down to only 6 in 2001 again due to poaching.

captive breeding has resulted in populations rising over 140 in 2008. congrats!

this fish was last seen in the australian Lake Peddler in 1996. luckily someone bred a few of these fishes in captivity. and released them into 2 other lakes. so close to extinction……. wow…

it’s almost like coming back from the dead…

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