human waste powers cars

11 Aug

so they take methane gas from human/animal waste (ie: faeces) and use it to power the new volkswagen beetle…. (more affectionately termed ‘bio-bug’)

the idea of using biogas has been extensively research on actually.

fuel from plants have shown some positive results in their uses…  like biodiesel from coconut husks..

but for methane from animal waste to power a car…….. really, that is really recycling to the core! though not entirely new. apparently, in Sweden, there are already over 11 000 vehicles running on bio fuel produced from sewage plants!

how effective is this bio-bug?

well, faeces flushed down from 70 homes is enough to power the bio-bug for 1 year ~ 10 000 miles…

so, i guess, with 4 million ppl living in singapore housing, ……. hmmmm….

if only ppl bothered….

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Posted by on August 11, 2010 in i-Bio


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