Spoiler Alert: NDP 2010 Preview

09 Aug

so i had the opportunity to go for NDP 2010 preview. and i delayed posting it up until today because after today, it wouldnt matter whether i do this post or not.

i followed the sch choir for this trip and i must say that i was quite impressed because the kids were singing along. happily singing along in the bus that i travelled in. and it always touches my heart to see students passionate abt their CCA.

so anyway, once we reached there, it was a really ‘hot’ walk to the holding venue where the students were supposed to have their breakfast / lunch / snacks for dinner.  fan were blowing, but it was hardly enough to counter the heat..

a few students fell sick. and i brought them to the medics, and waited while the doctor attended to the unwell students. temperature was sky high. boy was it ‘hot’.

anyhow, the bunch of NS men doing the Robo Warriors Act during the concert segment came in and did their rehearsals. and by the time we went into the padang, all means of running into the shade was impossible.

the fan they gave us was hardly enough to cool us down… but it was cute though..


and a few ppl fell out of the supporting contingent cos it was just so exhausting standing under the sun that day.

one of the choir girls (from another school) had quite a bad nose bleed. she used up at least 7 or 8 tissues filled with blood. i attended to her and she felt better. boy, do i feel like a hero AGAIN. 😉

well, what do you expect.. check out the sun before it set..

the whole time, CF and i were just waiting for the sun to set behind the parliment house, and once it set, we had a fantastic time!

so here are the videos of the parade.

this first one shows the ever so popular Red Lions coming down in a marvellous display of accuracy and poise. really………… every year, this one still makes me hold my breath..

this one shows the Colours Party and the Guard of Honour Contingents marching in. (my favouritest segment)

this video shows the fighter planes flying past as a mark of respect to the state. and the 21 presidential gun salute

i didnt take videos of the tanks and other vehicles going past. by the time the concert segment came, i was already quite tired.

but the colour combi this year was really soothing to the eye..

CF and i decided to get out of the place and find ourselves a nice spot to catch the fireworks.

and here’s the video… 🙂

it was so amazing, i just sat there quietly for a full 5 minutes watching the spectacular display…. appreciating the world for all its amazing beauty..

after the fireworks display, i walked out to stand by the river while waiting for the kids to come out…

and i simply love ths city skyline of singapore at night. 🙂

so, even though i spoilt the excitement, do still remember to catch the NDP 2010 on TV tmr…

Happy National Day 2010 everyone!


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2 responses to “Spoiler Alert: NDP 2010 Preview

  1. Jie Heng

    August 10, 2010 at 3:45 pm

    i was there on the actual NDP day! and boy, blue sector couldn’t suck more! everything was behind, jets, the chopper with the giant flag, fireworks… couldn’t see a single thing! but the atmosphere was totally awesome no doubt.

    • misspegasus

      August 10, 2010 at 4:58 pm

      the blue sector was the same place the choir sat right?? facing the Majulah Singapura? ya, i couldnt see the flag, and everyone’s back was facing us… the PARADE and PLANES and RED LIONS were great… the show segment, just doesnt bring me tha much joy though..


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