all hail theeeeeeeee……. Robo Warriors!!!

03 Aug

yeaps… robo warriors… thats the role some NS men have taken up for the NDP show segment……….. here are their very weird costumes………

weird costume = tight tights. tight tops. the red top is just to hide their unzipped tops actually. some sort of red head gear. with this aluminium covering that you actually cant see through. so, all they can see is the floor.

and i must, absolutely must stress that these NS ‘men’ are all actually like secondary school ‘boys’

seriously… we had this cheeky laugh when we heard then reply their sergeant.

sergeant: urgh!
NS ‘men’: URGH!

check them out at 0.39sec… hahaha…

hahaha…! kids.. really… act so macho infront of us, and are like kids when they are among their own… lol..

but, do watch out for their performance.. they are…………… the ROBO WARRIORS!

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Posted by on August 3, 2010 in i-Blabber


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