such arses are still alive and walking in this world

30 Jul

Dog named Xixi from Foshan, China

abused and suffered a fate that no animal nor human would like to suffer.

its utterly disgusting and i hope this man who tortured this dog suffers a fate worse than the dog…

this dog had his eyes gorged out. genitals cut. holes were cut in his body with a knife. he’s been unable to urinate and egest. it tried so hard that part of its intestines came out. can you imagine trying to egest so hard that your intestines come out? that is how painful it must have been for the poor dog. and im crying now… 😦

the blind dog has been so fearful of any form of touch because he was so afraid of being hurt again. he died 2 days after Animal Rescue took him. a sad existence…………… 😥

the devil who did this to the dog should really have no pardon whatsoever. even if he was mentally ill, i think he should really just do this to himself and see how he lives the rest of his life.


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Posted by on July 30, 2010 in i-Angry, i-Sad, i-Twinge


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