can i? cant i?

25 Jul

“dont let what you cant do interfere with what you can do” – things we forget

so many times we focus on the things we cant do.

“im not good enough”
“i dont have time”
“the rest wont agree”
“there’s too many things to do if things are going to change”

you know, all of us are visionaries. we want things to happen. we want change. like it or not, as human beings having the innate ability to complain, we are also given the gift of wanting to improve things around us.

just that some ppl take action to improve, some ppl leave it to others to take action.

why let what others think bring you down? all leaders start from somewhere. and they probably screwed things upside down before.

but what is really important is to have a good vision. where do you want your team to be. how do you want your team to be percieved. how do you want your team to work. whether you care for your team. whether you will stand up for your team and whether your team will stand up for you.

it’s best to work when a team feels like a family working towards a common goal. its so hard to achieve that alot of the times because CCD is not a teacher’s primary concern. it should never be. and yet, we still want programs to be good because it does affect the students.

if others can do it, why wouldnt i be able to? why let my own perceptions of myself bring me down? afterall, one step at a time and i will be able to get somewhere, no matter how slow.

along the way, i’ll learn the tricks of the trade. hopefully create a bonded team who are passionate abt the CCD. who want to make a real change at the ground level rather than come up with programs and ideas for the sake of data collection.

once i get through this year, i’ll have more ownership abt the things i want to change. there will be things that i can change. there’ll be things i cant.

but, i wont let what i cant do interfere with what i can do.

once ppl start to see that small little changes are starting to make a difference, they’ll leave more things to my discretion, and then i can make a more impactful change.

time will come….

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Posted by on July 25, 2010 in i-Lead, i-Reflect


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