is something up with the water quality at kranji mudflats?

18 Jul

it was a great start today, with the weather holding up great in the morning. we found many large horseshoe crabs, many mating pairs and many with barnacles on them………..

but, we also found a number of dead horseshoe crabs…. more than the usual 2 or 3 that we find. with enough knowledge to know they arent moults.. and they stank…

a few dead bivalves. not those that are opened up because they are remnants of what ppl eat. but these are molluscs that are dead.

a huge jellyfish got washed up on shore. thats quite an unusual sight near mangroves. maybe it got old… maybe it got stuck as the tide receeded… i dont know…

but when i saw dead bivalves, it just occurred to me that something might be up with the water quality……..

well, who’s going to test it? what are we going to compare it with?

maybe its just a conjecture…

but whats for sure is that the fishing nets tied onto the mangrove trees trap the horseshoe crabs when the tide is in. when the tide receeds, these HSCs are left stranded, stuck in fishing lines……..

here’s just some of what was rescued.

its actually quite sad…. poor creatures just get stuck because some fisherman wants their fishing lines dried up…………

overall a great day at the kranji bund. with the usual recording of data…

i missed the semakau trip yesterday, and i feel irritated about it…. seriously, like irritated… sigh…

no trips in august. and then ICCS in september..

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