kudos to Kerala’s Wildlife and Forest Department

10 Jul

map of munnar town.

and here’s the reason why i loved Kerala….

they have a Forest and Wildlife Department looking into conservation and spread conservation messages all around their forest reserves and sight seeing places.

here’s just one of the signboards. i have no idea what is says, but the earth on the hand and the flame probably means, “do not burn forests’??

a small bird up in the streets of the mountains.

2 goats.

interesting beetle.

here’s a man we saw chopping down a branch for firewood to feed a small just a few feet away from the tree. i guess we can understand why they would need the fire, cos it was seriously cold up there even during the day, but, LOOK at where he’s standing and LOOK below where he’s standing. thats scary!

collecting rubber tree sap.

more rubber trees.

a house on stilts in the middle of the jungle. actually, as nice as it appears to be, imagine the reptiles and insects that will visit that house every single day!

this is just a small lizard…

nice caterpillar.

some kind of worm? that burrows into trees? thats huge you know. its creepy.

and I LURVE this insect! its my new fav insect. look at it, its AMAZING! look at the colours! of course, my dear sony had a part to play in this pic too. 😉

who can resist a nice dark brown horse. lovely colours.


and a nice butterfly, upside down on a twig…

another one of those tiny indian grasshoppers..

another caterpillar.

and one more.

and a timely signboard to remind us to save the world. 🙂

err… i dont know how they expect us to live together WITH tigers, but hey, its a good message. i guess what they mean is to stop poaching. tigers have their place, and so do we.

well…………… im really glad i got to see all those nice insects and animalia… given more time, i would have had the chance to spot more things. but what ive seen already made me happy. 🙂

i’d be really happy if i could go trekking in the forests of the world… that would bring me a whole lot of smiles………. 😀


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3 responses to “kudos to Kerala’s Wildlife and Forest Department

  1. srikanth from trichy

    July 16, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    aka, as usual pics are very high clarity.. nice photography

  2. neha

    July 16, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    Very good blog all posts are good


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