bd this yr

07 Jul

i had this great plan in mind to enact a drammatic “Ms V is very angry because she is so disappointed in ALL of your performances for the prelims”

in my mind, i went through possible showcasing of my anger. such as using the prelim papers to hit the table, or if i dared and the mood seemed right, even fling the papers at them….

but i woke up this morning angry instead at not being able to get half a day off after a soccer match in the wee hours of the morning (after i heard that NYJC is starting sch at 1pm on the monday after the world cup finals.

anyway, i decided to wear a nice white/yellow punjabi suit and felt the wind in my hair as i walked through the coridors of the school. it was my birthday and i had no right feeling angry over ppl who didnt study for their prelims.

apart from the irritating match-make my fellow Holland Villagers tried to pull on me, my birthday was really quite nice because of 2 things.

1) for the very first time, i had a cake where the decor was of a seaside and a sea star and coconut trees… so pretty…. really nice.. 🙂

photos are with another person, so will upload soon.

2) i had asked for the DVDs of the 4 seasons of the OC. and goony actually went to burn for me all 92 seasons. and put it into a CD casing and personalised the CD cover with reviews of how horrible the OC is.

apart from the first photo, the rest are all adulterated.

you have to read the reviews… read it… because the fellow Holland Villagers all dont understand why i would even like The OC.

fantastic. 🙂


not sabohed by my babies, so im happy…

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