flora and fauna of India

02 Jul

this was a beautiful bird that looks quite plain on the outside, but once it flapped its wings open, the bright luminuous blue patterned wings were exposed. amazing. but with my camera, it was not possible to capture a shot.

rice paddy fields….

freshwater snail. 

fresh water crab

rice paddy fields again

and one of my MOST ingenius SHOTS! im am EXTREMELY proud of this shot! 😀

dragonfly with a tinge of blue

goats grazing the fields….

children, this is black drop is actually a lady bug. those white specks you see are actually aphids. lady bugs eat aphids.

leaf footed bug. right?

cute spidy!

tiny grasshopper.

an ant carrying the wings of a butterfly.

ant house.

mozzie……. and the proboscis looks dangerous.

this red/black butterfly stands out anywhere….

take a couple of leaves, wrap it around (i dont know how) and get shelter from the wind and the rain and the sun…

another leaf footed bug?

grasshopper … yet another tiny one.

another ant carrying butterfly wings.

mouse – dead. RIP.

grasshopper. another tiny one. on water.

red legged centipede.

beautiful white flower with water droplets.

this complex flower that we saw was amazing! no number of photos can do justice…





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2 responses to “flora and fauna of India

  1. Sumi

    June 10, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    Like your enthusiasm with the camera though some captions are missing (what is that pretty yellow flower), some are mysterious (you mentioned the green grasshopper with not a mention of the tiny critters massed on its back!), some are misleading (those brown insects – are they grasshoppers or locusts) and some are probably false ( is the red-legged bug actually a ‘centipede’ or a millipede or something else?).
    But nice pics!

    • cesarcrash

      September 7, 2014 at 7:31 am

      An there is a cool bombardier beetle.


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