you mean it’s june holidays???

11 Jun

2 weeks of june, disappeared, just like that. lessons and lessons. until even i got tired of lessons. i can only imagine some of the students’ despair. “school?? but it’s june holidays…”

haha… somehow, i managed to squeeze in 5 driving lessons within these 2 weeks. thats like a crash course. i wanted to book for test date before i left singapore for india, but i couldnt. anyway, when sch reopens, i probably wont have time and would have to once again cramp my lessons to september. sigh…

i’ll be uncontactable in a few hours. and, i was thinking of what i’d think once i landed in india. the first word that came to my mind was “munn vaasanai”

and… you know what? i could translate that into english, but it would never have the same meaning as it does in tamil.

word no 1: munn vaasanai

so over this recent debate on PSLE MTL…. well…….. my personal opinion is that 2nd language is very very crucial to singapore because that is what make singapore.

and, it is what make the various races immerse in their culture. without this culture, singapore wont be a multi-racial society. we;d just be another westernised country with no significant cultural differences integrated into the country.

so i got on thinking abt what words in tamil couldnt be translated effectively into english.

word no 2: sumangali. used for married women. i have no idea how i can translate that into english. auspicious? maybe?

word no 3: baagyam. probably the easiest to translate of all the 4 words here. just means fortunate. but, its more like blessed. or something like that.

word no 4: darisanam. actually, mostly used in religion. ‘seeing God’. like…. having the opportunity to view God in Her best. or something like that.

im sure there are more, but im kinda tired and i cant think of much words now… but, language is inevitably associated culture and vice versa.. so… hmmm…

so anyway, i’ll be uncontactable for 10 days. and 10 days too long, cos i only return on the last week of holidays, straight to 2 more driving lessons, 2 meetings, and preparation for meetings.  and 2 other errata to be settled within 5 days. i’m a superhero.

prelims start straight away. i hope the students study, cos for some reason today, my confidence level stooped to a low, wondering whether they’ll do well enough. and i convinced myself, they will.

im excited that world cup is starting. but, i wont be around for the first 10 days of matches. nvm…. group round. and i’ll get daily updates. everyday after that will be late nights. i seriously hope my students dont stay up to watch soccer cos ITS THEIR PRELIMS!

whats up in term 3?

my sec 3 SJAB will be involved in YOG first aid duty after that. gosh it is a hectic year for the sec 3s. so many things to do and there’s only 7 of them.

there’s the school NDP, which i always look forward to. and the National NDP, which i look forward to even more.

there’s marking marking and more marking. prelims and common tests. reports and the usual school admin. oh well… a job’s a job. at least my students make me love it…. 🙂

anyway, im kinda sleepy now. so……. good night world. its been great blabbering here for a while. but i really need to knock off.. so ya..

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