how far do you dare to go?

03 Jun

many a times you wonder whats beyond what you can see. just as many times, you choose to remain where you are because you are afraid that beyond what you can see gives you a life thats worse that what already is.

sometimes sitting at the end of the pier and looking ahead is satisfactory for you.

sometimes the longing to reach far beyond is very strong.

i wouldnt want to die knowing that i never tried to find out if beyond what i can see will work out for me. and yet, the insecurity i feel is so high, that i rather stay in this nest. cosy and safe. predictable and routined.

how do you know whether the decisions you make now are the right ones? as long as you know why you made them and believe in the reasons why you made them, i suppose you will stand by them. even if proven wrong in the long run.

how far do i dare to go?

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Posted by on June 3, 2010 in i-Reflect, i-Wish


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