what can you find at Sembawang Yacht Club?

01 Jun

SMC MYE review was at SYC today. and the first thing i noticed when i reached there was that there was access to the waters and tide was kinda low.. so i eagerly hopped my way down to the shore.

along the way, i saw this grass flower. i remember reading this on Adrian’s blog who got the ID from wildfacts.

Cenchrus brownii

check out the spikes! dangerous!

some stuck on my track pants conveniently.

when i got to the shore, there was quite a bit of garbage. here’s some snails on a stone.

some snails quite nicely camouflaged.

crab moult.

but, more interesting than that… check out the worm lookalike around the area… i wonder if they are anemonies? cant be worms cos its just not. but, maybe it the other thing i get confused with. zoanthids?

crab claw.

mussells. alots and lots of mussells.

some unopened mussells.

on my way down, i saw this flower/fruit, which i remember must be some sort of mangrove plant.

is it Bruguiera gymnorhiza?

the fruit of Sonneratia, another mangrove plant.

and another mangrove plant remnant.

so here’s where the mangrove flowers/fruits came from. i didnt have time to walk over to that area as my colleagues started disappearing into the mtg rm one by one..

OH btw! check this out…! – click here to refresh your memory.

(for a moment, i was actually looking into the bottle to see if there really was a message or a letter of some sort from someone somewhere else in the world… lol… what was i thinking? a drammatic love story?)

a huge tanker? ship?

many ppl learning kayaking at SYC. i wished i was kayaking instead of that mtg, but hey, mtgs have got to happen.

overall, the best find of the way was the grassflower. and it was tremondous fun using that to threaten ppl into poking them with it. and the non-biologist has an eye opening experience. hehe…

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