undisturbed sights and sounds at West Coast Park

31 May

happened to be attracted to this flower of the cannonball tree. somewhere in west coast park where there was no kids running and screaming.

what amazing colours..

here’s a small insect gtting nectar, while pollinating it as well. and out comes the fruit..

its so amazing how the flower can appear in this manner, and project out a fruit so big. which many students still cant link the fact that flower size has nothing to do with fruit size. the only link is that the number of ovules = number of seeds.

right at the same time, some squirrels were running through the leaves of the coconut trees. another squirrel was running on the drain railings, eager to join in the fun.

heard some birds flying around and was attracted by their green colouration. until i realised, that what i was seeing were parrots. woa… one of the rare parrot sightings i have had in the wild – not those in JBP.

for a moment, i stood there, admist the tall trees and smell of fresh grass, and i looked around, appreciating the sights and sounds of West Coast Park, the undisturbed part of it. no kids were there because there was no sand. no sea. all i could hear was the mild squeeks from ppl trying to learn roller blading. everything else was just the sounds of the squirrels running around. at some point, it got so quiet, i swear i could hear the squirrels munching off something. the occasional dropping of the seed of the fruits that the parrots ate. wow…. surreal….. really. 🙂

i smiled to myself when i turned 360 deg.

Here is the video

saw this fig tree of not sure what species.

while we saw on the breakwater, it was slightly low tide and it showed these intertidal organisms…

a pong pong fruit.

as we left, we saw a shore bird perched up on a tree… a good farewell… 🙂

it was definitely a trip where i saw much more than what i expected… 🙂

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