my childhood friend S

30 May

went for my childhood friend’s engagement and ROM yesterday. true, all the usual nice stuff abt the 2 of them being nice to each other, bla bla bla.. what really attracted me was that one nice family was now in-laws with another nice family. they have already started treating each other like their own family. even to the extent of adjusting their jewellry for each other. helping the bride get to her feet after she pays her respects. i just think its really nice that 2 good families are now in-laws.

my mom and his mom were friends even before i was born. S and i and my bro, once we reached the age where we know what kids do, we did all sort of things together. we had a secret hideout place where we’d go and play. not the kind of fun we’d have at playgrounds. this secret hideout gave us an adventure. 😀 its a feeling and bond that binded the 3 of us.

we always left S’s little sister behind cos she was 7 yrs younger than us. therefore she didnt belong where we belonged. we were quite mean to her, and till today, she still remembers how the 3 of us always dumped her with the boring ‘mommies’ while we went out for wild and wet adventure.

those days, my mom had to work to supplement my dad’s income so that we can pay for the maisonnette. i remember when she worked late, she’d put us at S’s house and pick my bro and i up at around 11pm and walk back home. it would be a quiet walk home because my bro and i would be sleepy by 11pm. and my mom would be fully exhausted.

S’s mom has always taken care of my bro and me. and for that, ive always been grateful. their help was something i could always count on. and they were genuine.

S and his sis didnt have a smooth journey. both their academics suffered at different points, and had different effects. i volunteered to teach S’s sister for free, but they managed to find someone to tutor her. apart from academics, S had to be in bed rest for 6 mths during his NS cos an injury. his sis had to go for an op (i cant remember what). their dad left the job (cant remember why).

but throughout all these issues, S’s family has been the most supportive of each other. even S’s extended family is a close knit supportive family. and thats something ive always wished i had. but i guess not everyone is that fortunate.

yesterday, S’s parents fulfilled their job as parents, as they got their son engaged to this girl G, traditionally. and then S and G registered their marriage.

no amount of photos with the bride and groom can tell you how happy i am for them. my childhood friend is now embarking on the next chapter of his life. his aim and goals in life will change. he will change. but i hope we will still continue the bond that keep our our families together.

may the both of them be blessed. 🙂

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