Interesting sights at Kranji Bund

23 May

off to kranji bund on International Day for Biodiversity for yet another horseshoe crab research and rescue session. turned out to be such a rainy start. we were worried that the rain wouldnt stop, but it eventually trailed off to a drizzle and stopped.

just as we walked to the site, there were 2 mangrove trees that were flowering and fruiting. am told that its a species of Sonneratia.

just look at the stigma sticking out. and the numerous white stamen.

and once pollinated and fertilised, the petals drop off, and the fruit starts to develop.

this plant is so interesting because it is one of a plants whose flowers only bloom at night. and for sonneratia alba, it blooms only for 1 hr at night. so you can imagine how busy the insects will be doing its job of pollination.

anyway, over 200 horseshoe crabs were collected (including those we rescued).

this boat with fishing nets was brought to shore by one of the guys who found it. he had 2 buckets full of HSC to give up. woo hoo…! and then some of them got down to cutting the fishing lines to free the horseshoe crabs.

and off the rest went to collect the horseshoe crabs. we found many mating pairs. many young ones. but, not as young as ive seen before. so… mmm…

quite a number of oldies were collected too..

this one covered with barnacles, shows that the shell has not moulted in a while

found this nice oyster shell……..

this animal that looks like a whelk, but not sure whether it is.

here’s a snail i saw…. its really ticklish as it glides across your hands. and sometimes it literally seems like its walking on ‘2 feet’ when it raises part of its body and places it in front… so cute…!

after the trip, we walked outside to the busstop. found this interesting fruit hanging on this tree. VB said it was noni. Morinda citrifolia. apparently it has medicinal uses and its quite expensive to buy them on the market.

and then we saw acacia (?) flowers…

and this nice flying insect on a leaf. on close inspection, you can see it has 2 eye-spots on its back, a defense mechanism to ward off predators…

cool isnt it..

an enriching time at kranji bund, and indeed, a day for exploring biodiversity.. 🙂

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