stagnant and stoning

13 May

been kinda out of mood to blog. not sure why. its been a week. its one of those things where i feel that saying why i feel so out of mood wouldnt make a difference to the way i feel, so why bother…

a student noticed that i seem down these past few days. and i am touched that he noticed. i know why i am feeling down…. but thats besides the point.

i have at least 10 articles from my RSS feeds that i have saved and want to read. but, really, all im doing is to save them because i find the titles interesting. i am in no mood to read, let alone, write abt them.

ive got all my weekends booked from last weekend till june, last weekend. that means that i do not get to do what i would generally love to do during weekends – stone all day long.

the MYE has been giving me a good break. marking, yea. but thats still fine.

i did some last minute assignment. started the 7-page assignment at 1 pm when i was supposed to submit it at 5pm on that same day. i thought i could make it, but what can i say. not paying attention during the 3-day lecture means that i had to read what i missed out. and so i couldnt finish it by 5pm, wrote in to ask for a 1-day extension. and i managed to submit it the next day.

sch’s been like how sch usually is. just that, exam time, i get to eat breakfast with my colleagues. and im thinking that, its so pleasurable just spending the whole day doing invigilation and marking and teaching the sec 5s…. i probably wont think that way in the long run. but seriously, it feels fantastic to have hours at hand to complete some work. (and maybe play a game or 2)

my right foot is hurting. for some reason, the outer part of my left foot hurts when i put pressure on it. so i got to consciously land my foot on the inner side. that feels weird. YW said, “sigh…. old age”

i cant wait for the EOY SJAB ATC… woo hoo….. that must be the only exciting thing that happened this week. but having to sit through a 2 hr session with the vendor ws painfully tiring, when i was trying to forcefully keep my eyes open…

oh! and a forensics science course, which im hoping i can sign up for if i dont have lessons on the friday of the 2nd week of june.

something is bugging me though. its all a cycle. what goes up must come down isnt it? end of sem 1 means its time for all the AARs and RADARs and stuff.. and being in a meeting is alot easier than conducting the meeting. lets see… meetings on 17, 18, 19, 20 21 may. oh wait, thats the whole of next week. sigh….. “to continue, or not to continue”

im secretly wishing the year will end at june so that i can get out of the mess ive gotten myself into….. argh… 6 mths more.. will go by fast.

weather’s been so ridiculously warm that i think i might consider migrating to antartica…

i really really want to study. but i cant make up my mind. and my mom wants me to do the-other-thing-that-ppl-my-age-are-supposed-to-do, before i think abt studies.. so, im going to have a hard time convincing her that “life goes on…..”

today was yet another successful sabotage of TBL… she least expected it because it was 2 days after her birthday. i told her, it is the one day i look forward to the most because i can finally get my revenge for all the times she bullied me……. lol… poor thing. but i got injured. my left thigh now has a huge patch of contusion (thats blue-black bruising for the laymen). and now i cant lie on my stomach cos my thigh hurts. anyway, all this means is that i need to armour myself with loads of expensive electronic equipment on my day. i’ll become untouchable…!

its maths trail tmr. great….. i’ll be able to check out labrador. but, too bad. the low tide doesnt coincide with our trip there tmr. high tide reaching its peak at 12pm… sigh..

nvm, HSC coming up next week and ive got a trainee to guide. so thats one more person who’s learning why HSCs need to be rescued…

its 945pm. believe it or not, i wrote this post over a duration of 2 days. thats how much i havent been wanting to post a post…. but anyways, its done. i might stay silent for a while more, until i get the mood back…

till then, im going to have an early night, just because my eyes cant stay open. goodnight world…

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    May 16, 2010 at 7:03 am

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