T2W6 updates

03 May

havent had the mood to blog for a while. since i started blogging again, there was never a time when i stayed away for 5 days… after much thoughts, im trying to write abt last week’s updates………..

it might have been one of the saddest week since……….. i dont know. since maybe never.

the incident seems to have left a long lasting hole in my heart. but to be frank, i dont know why. was it their mistake… was it not their mistake….

i pondered and pondered. and as i write out the many (over 15)questions i have in my mind, im choosing to erase them from this post, because……. just because ppl dont need to know how i feel abt this.

case closed.

issue came abt on tuesday. and after sporadic crying episodes and other intense case-related activities from tues to thurs, my body finally caved in to a viral attack. on thurs, i thought i could hold it out until friday, but, i just couldnt hold on…

took an mc after 4 yrs of 100% attendance. i really would have liked to keep that track record going. so you can imagine how much it must have taken for me to get that mc.

consequently, i missed S and W’s outstanding st leader award presentation. i really wanted to be there, but maybe it wouldnt have made much of a difference anyway. but hey, as long as they are happy…. im sure their parents are. and im sure they’ll know how to honour the award that most ppl never recieve all their life..

i never recieved such an award in my life. why, i was never even considered being nominated. so, these kids have already achieved something ive never gotten…. bless them…

the flu virus was a blessing in disguise. i was left with no energy, spend fri and sat just lying on my sofa, watching tv. with occasional tear drops cos my body was just too warm and i hadnt felt that weak in many yrs. sunday was better. at least ppl in the house could hear me talk. and that was signal enough for my mom to start complaining that i havent been helping around with the chores.. i was sick mom… but hey, what can i say. she’s my mom and i still love her unconditionally…

i gtg now. its 1 am. and i best be sleeping. shouldnt strain this body anymore… i guess i’ll go back to writing abt the interesting bio related stuff that i have saved in my drafts, but have just no time to read…. soon…

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Posted by on May 3, 2010 in i-Reflect, i-Sad, my-Babies


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