between 2006 and 2010

24 Apr

i used to be able to play scrabble online in school…. during sch hours.

i used to be able to chat rubbish with colleagues sitting near me.

i used to be able to go out nearby for lunch almost everyday. now i dont even get to see my colleagues for lunch in school.

my friends and i dont even have time to talk to each other even though we sit near each other.

we rarely smile and laugh and joke and tease each other. things just seem to have gotten more serious around me

i used to smile more to my colleagues. now, sometimes, i just walk past them, too hurriedly to notice that another fellow human being had just walked past me.

i used to irritate KW by sitting in her chair, and she’d spin the chair until i laughed and almost fell off.

we used to slave out for AT, but now, even he is busy to ask us to work for him. (not that im asking for it. this is a good problem)

i used to bother talking to the newer teachers to welcome them and get them comfortable. now, i only talk to the newer teachers if i have a reason to. which is seldom.

my table was definitely cleaner then.

i used to set common tests and exames on time. i used to hand up lesson plans on time.

i used to have more time planning for activities for students.

i had more fun teaching my classes then. somehow lost my sense of humour. or just became boring. and stale. and predictable. teaching is such an act, alot of the times.

i used to play badminton and basketball and tennis alot more often.

i used to be able to see sunset from home. or at least reach home by sunset. leaving sch late has become such a bad habit, that i am not fighting to not succumb to that practice.

somehow, it feels like we are older. (which of course we are). we have more responsibilities. more committments. more of everything, except, less time to complete the work…………

between 2006 and 2010, so many things have changed.

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