today at semakau – 18 apr 2010

18 Apr

(thx to ria for identifying some of these creatures and clarifying)

back to early morning low tides.. woke up at 415am to get to the pier on time. chek jawa miss boat, nvm. can still go on my own. semakau miss boat, too bad..

so sky was still dark, and all i wanted to go was to get onto the ferry so that i can catch 45 mins of sleep. and we all did.

walked to our site cos it was way too early for the bus to pick us up. on the way, we saw sunrise.. so sweet.

some mangrove plants..

as we were doing our transects, i took this photo of the seagrass meadows against the mangroves..

after my transect, i went on to explore shoreline.

someone found this cushion star.. lovely colours…

many hard corals were growing well.

many ascidians….

tiny little red snails on Enhalus (tape seagrass)

then i saw this white soft substance. am told that it might be ascidians..

and another organism ive not seen before.. these look like seeds dispersed from a type of plant.. SEEDS OF TAPE SEAGRASS!!! wow…

and a really pretty blue sponge! an amazing blue tint… amazing!

saw a couple of fan worms too…

took a pic of this anemone, decided to take it macro! haha…

many hairy crabs along the way..

can you spot a hairy crab in this pic?

bivalve… its a fan shell clam… i still havent seen the famous giant clam at semakau!

quite a large anemone, still growing… this isnt a true anemone. its a zoanthid….

look at the colours of the tentacles upclose… you can almost feel the amazing colours from the pic..

on my way back to the shore, i found my most exciting find of the day…

MANY MANY common sea stars! many! i thought my eyes were seeing double, until i realised i wasnt seeing doubles. it was triples, quadruples, etc…

there must have been at least 40-50 of them around!

another one almost completely under sand.

another common sea star..

so pretty..

small little red crab, whose eyes are so irresistable!

pulau bukom oil refinery as seen from semakau…

overall, was an interesting day… more photos/info on wildshores website, will link it up soon…

but, really really sleepy… 🙂

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