T2W4 updates

15 Apr

its only thursday, but this week has been hell. i need to rant. ive been spending hours trying to settle some documents that need to be submitted tmr. a few hours everyday? NO. every free period and 5 hrs after sch and another 2 hrs after i reach home.

past 3 days have been so exhausting. i only reached home at 1am on wednesday night thursday morning. that urgent. that important. and its not even my fault that its so last min. and i cant back out of it, because my silly personality wont let me do so…

its 9.26pm now. i have another 2 hrs of work to do, and then im going off to bed. ive started sneezing. im falling sick. i have tears in my eyes. i can fall asleep standing against the wall. i have shit loads of marking to settle and i feel so bad that the 4NAs want their assignments back, and i havent returned it to them.

the only thing on my mind now is to remain healthy enough to last me till sunday afternoon. i need to go to semakau. i need to. i need a break from this strenuous situation at work……… its ridiulous.

so thats term 2 week 4.

oh, ive got 3 exam papers to set, and ive not even started setting a single paper. i guess i’ll be back in sch this sunday to complete at least 2 exam papers.

so, i cannot afford to fall sick. i have to survive. until exam week at least. i have to survive.


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