T2W3 updates

11 Apr

havent quite been in the mood to blog recently. not so much because of work-related stress. this week hasnt been as bad as other weeks have been.

i guess, sometimes you just want to not do something.

dad has been staying home for 10 days already, because of the car accident. its a blessing that nothing happened to him. but, it leaves me thinking that, dad has been slacking at home since last wednesday……….. isnt retirement a whole new lifestyle that could be hard to handle? for someone who has been working and working all his life, staying at home with nothing to do, seems more like a punishment than boon. oftentimes, there’s nothing on tv. even if there is, they are all repeats most of the time…. what else can you do but sleep…?

anyway, things at work are going. but, im beginning to stagnate. im rebelling against work, that is not related to teaching. i start to feel im losing the energy and momentum to do non-teaching related work.  and thats very much in line with my recent spate of ‘not wanting to do things’.  i guess there are enough signs to say that im not suited for this. but, hey, the journey has been really enriching and ive learnt alot of things.

my marking has started to pile up. ive not done a single marking the whole of this week. given tests and homework but, not marked any of them until after CAA presentation on saturday, when TBL and i stayed back to mark some stuff until 6pm. and then we went to jurong east to settle her stuff.

i told her how i felt i’ve become so lazy to go out. unless im mtg some friends for gathering and functions, or special occasions. other than that i really just want to go back home and do nothing. which is very bad………. very bad.

ive got to get back to going out more often, cos work-home-work-home-work-home-work………. is honestly mentally draining and perhaps meaningless…. my life is not equals to my work. it shouldnt be that way.

anyway, someone commented this week that exams are in 3 weeks time. and i didnt get it until a few minutes later why she smiled when she said that… MYE means term 2 is ending, and june is coming. half of 2010 would have ended. of course, all the rubbish that comes with the ending of term 2 (IP AAR, CCD AAR, CCA AAR, mtgs, mtgs, mtgs, and more mtgs) still wont overthrow me, cos HALF OF 2010 IS OVER!

ya…. so thats abt where my brain is at the moment.

ive got to go soon, need to get started on my 3 other stacks of marking. and do up a framework, which ive never done before, and my brains are too lazy to be creative and innovative now.

time to get on with things and move on……….

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