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Islets of Langerhans transplant

was just surfing the net, when i found this article on a possible treatment for type 1 diabetics.

we know that type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependant diabetes, where patients do not produce enough insulin. they need to inject insulin to regulate their glucose metabolism.

so it seems that scientists have got this way of transplanting islet cells (which produce insulin) from a donor. problem is, as with any other transplantations, the reciepient needs to be on immunosuppresant drugs. and doctors say, for islets cells transplant, the patient needs to be on these drugs for life.

wouldnt it be easier to be on jabs instead? but i can understand why some ppl might prefer to go for the transplant instead. forgetting to inject yourself can result in very dire situations. loss of consciousness and even death in extreme cases because of the hypoglycemic conditions. so, i can understand why some would prefer to be on drugs and have the transplant. since the transplant would work as normally as the original pancreas would.


so here’s the procedure in a brief:

doctors find a donor’s pancreas, isolate the islet cells, clean and purify it.

and then after that, the docs start their work on the patient, who will be conscious btw. though locally anethesized. a catheter is put through the abomen and then through the hepatic portal vein. and a teaspoon of islet cells will be passed through the portal vein. once the cells travel through the bloodstream and gets implanted at the liver, the islet cells will start to produce insulin, as normal.

Drawing of two body torsos showing the infusion of islets extracted from a donor pancreas into a transplant recipient.

interesting eh… first time i heard of this, though it seems to have been in practice for quite a few yrs now… islets cells transplant..


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T2W2 updates

ive not written a happy post on a weekly update before i think… but this week deserves it… so, here’s how my wonderful week went…

was eager to go to sch because the day before (sunday) was supposed to go chek jawa to survey the site, but couldnt go. and so i totally wasted time. but the day before that (saturday) i went to do my horseshoe crab business = happiness.

on full day course = no lessons.

i chanced upon someone who recognised me. she came up to me and asked if i was who she thought i was. and i asked her, “am i supposed to have met you someplace before?”

so she explained and i realised. it was great to be recognised. born in the same yr, used to live in the same place, went to NUS at the same time, was in science faculty though she majored in maths, i majored in life science. but still great. we exchanged numbers.

on full day course = no lessons.
came back to sch to have parent teacher mtg. i wouldnt miss that for the world.. my babies parents are very nice ppl… 🙂

on full day course = no lessons.

OH! what do you know… its Good Friday Holiday! = no lessons.

Q1 mtg with sjab officers, which is always entertaining, especially with KL and SY around. those 2 nonsensical ppl, bullying Rach. but still, it was great seeing the POP training.. cant wait for the actual.

there was this real life CrimeWatch scene. as SY, KL and i were walking past the condo on our way home, we saw this guy running his ass off. so i guess all of us initially thought he must have been late for something. then we saw him throw something into the condo. which, maybe we all thought was weird, but chose to think it wasnt. (hmmm…) after that guy ran past us, we saw this police guy run behind him. and then i realised, “IT’S A POLICE CHASING A CRIMINAL!!!!”

(omg! for friends who know what that means……. it’s a POLICE chasing a criminal. let me repeat, POLICE! someone wearing blue clothing with a beret and boots and carrying some sort of weapon… its the POLICE!)

 so anyways, soon after, the 2nd and 3rd guy continue to run behind the 1st guy who was chasing the criminal. then the 4th guy came, walking…….. (talk abt stamina!)

i told SY to tell the 4th policeman that we saw the criminal throw some stuff into the condo. (woa…… we’re eye-witnesses! i’m so cool! – and being totally childish. but nvm… it’s the POLICE)

yeaps. of course, we carried on to do our stuff. and my 2 officers shared abt how footwear is so crucial to ppl in such jobs cos of all the running they might need to do. i agree.

felt irritated that my pseudo holiday week just ended like that…. and now, because i only had 4 periods of lesson this week, i got to have make up classes everyday after sch next week… the reality sinks in..

but still……. i suppose, this classifies as a happy week…. hmmmmmm……..


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